founded in 1994

Exploring the world’s great beer styles one month at a time!

January: Pale Ales (Any type of Pale ale)

February: Dark Mild, IPA (Any type of IPA)

March: Scottish Ale, Irish Stout, Irish Red Ale or Lager

April: Alt, Rye, Brown ale

May: Saison, Bohemian (Czech) Pils, Citrus Beer

June: Cream Ale, German Pils, Helles

July: Kolsch, Any session beer (<4% ABV), American Lager

August: Blonde Ale, Classic American Pils, Fruit or Vegetable Beer

September: Wit, Hefeweizen, American Wheat, Sour wheat beers (Berliner/Gose)

October: American Amber Ale, Vienna, Octoberfest/ Marzen

November: Porter, American Stout, Pumpkin or Spiced, Baltic Porter

December: Holiday, Specialty Beers, and Anything You Want

Bring a homebrewed example of the Style of the Month and get 2 tickets entered for the year-end raffle, bring a commercial example of the Style of the Month and get 1 ticket entered for the year-end raffle.

Congratulations to Len Lund for winning Rookie of the Year for 2018! Keep up the good work!

Congratulations to Mary McCloud for the second straight year as Brewmaster of the Year! Keep up the good work.